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Stops journey for 20 a few moments

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1Stops journey for 20 a few moments Empty Stops journey for 20 a few moments on Mon Mar 09, 2015 2:17 am


Tiger Strike, wide range 20 metres + Teleportation, to cope wide range is awesome.DefenseRefreshment + Bear's Vitality, improve 20% impact and you wellness can improve about 2100 factors.
Boastful Scream, awesome harm expertise, collection 3000 Mettle with Wave It Off reduces the wellness of concentrate on about 4000, and reduce the target's shift speed 45% and expertise harm 20%. God expertise.Redoubt, is a primary expertise of Defense, and is the most perverted fan in .
Stops journey for 20 a few moments and improve the avoid rate! It will be a headache for melee when you use this expertise in the perfect time, especially you are marked by Darkrunner and Blighter.Invincibility, good expertise can disturb objectives, allow you to evade, turn a battle or basically just delay for cooldowns.

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