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CraftingFor this close beta

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6. Do the best decide on a 3-5 gamers to leveling with the same missions, it is the most quickest that do missions together.Equipment and WeaponYou will get the devices from pursuit in the leveling procedure, these devices make you leveling enough. Observe, do not toss your alternative devices, please go to Blacksmith merchant to buy Evenstones to crack down devices into wonderful elements that come in very useful for .
PKYou will experience the battleground map after you level 30, the missions are same with opponent, battle whenever you want and maybe you will fulfill the complete level gamer, please prevent it before you level 50.
CraftingFor this close beta, you need know without a excellent area for real estate usually, and for weapons and devices designing, advanced level gamer has a greater art level and need you much ArcheAge Gold.

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