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Beating Cristiano Ronaldo IN FIFA

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1Beating Cristiano Ronaldo IN FIFA  Empty Beating Cristiano Ronaldo IN FIFA on Wed Feb 11, 2015 2:37 am


Tips For Beating Cristiano Ronaldo IN FIFA 15Cristiano Ronaldo is such an costly player in FIFA 15. I think I can never afford him. Otherwise, he is such an excellent player to perform with or against.
As a team mate, he is wonderful. Whereas as an challenger, he is a headache. How can we defeat him in FIFA 15? What he quit him? Here are some guidelines.Ronaldo typically performs the remaining side, remaining midfield or striker. Understanding how to reverse structures and using the right choice of player is important.
Position: winger. Ronaldo can use his pace on the side to or he can cut within and catch from range. Speed, stamina, amazing finishing along with his expertise goes, is a occur for your protection. Use structures that have fast full-backs/wing-backs or a gamer that is very highly efficient to out muscle Ronaldo.

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