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Right Side of Nerta Notara you can discover

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1 Right Side of Nerta Notara you can discover on Thu Mar 05, 2015 2:04 am

Observe, the weblink will damaged instantly when someone come to the center of weblink, there are many enemies will appear if you are drop uncareful and very easy be sec-killed. One of team members has a AOE expertise at least before your team down.
Although there are many enemies in here, but their lifestyle is very low, using AOE expertise and eliminate them. Then searching the and water will increase up after eliminate enemies. You will achieve the first manager area after area.
First Boss - NertaThere is a mob Right Side of Nerta Notara you can discover, and very easy to be murdered, do not think this mob is the manager, just the battle start when you reported the manager very poor.

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